Level 7 Social


A Message from our Founder

I have been asked where the power of 7x comes from many times, and I am proud to say it comes from being a father of seven children. I started noticing that all seven have a unique and different perspectives on the world, and it was always a challenge to get them to agree on anything; near impossible if I’m being honest! But then it hit me, each one had a personality that gave them different strengths and opportunities and made me focus on their traits to have them become more agreeable.

There is the Strong Silent one. Never wavering and voicing when he’s not happy. You could say skeptical, but always a leader.

The Aloof one is always ready to spend money. The kind of go-with-the-flow person that just needs a nudge to get them buying! Big spending and little results. I would say easily swayed into agreeing.

My Independent One tends to be the most frugal of the bunch. Not willing to spend money until all the research is done, and options are weighed.

The Social Butterfly is always around friends and people. The popular one who is up on the trends, and likes being noticed. Willing to spend on luxury items like the newest Apple watch, and the $9 glass of tea!

Then there is the Artist. She is very caring and loves helping people. She is interested in things with a cause or purpose and will drop extra to help. Concerned about the environment, trees, animals, and the like. It must be the right-brain thing.

The Clown is ready for anything. Always up for a good time, and loves to have things bought and purchased for them. A constant entertainer who is ready to spend on anything enjoyable or makes you feel good.

The youngest is the rebel, and although she is still a little young to dissect spending habits and marketing tactics, it is safe to say she will enjoy anything at is against the grain. I will need a few more years of study to complete a profile, but it is interesting, to say the least.

So the power of 7x (being a dad seven times) has helped me form this concept way of thinking, not to mention that seven has a few really cool things about it. As a Christian, seven represent holiness, and completion, as God rested on the 7th day. Seven has often been viewed as a lucky number throughout human history! Then of course we know that 7 is a very hungry number. We know this about seven because, seven, eight, nine! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the dad joke!)

We take our power of 7x very seriously because it has helped many businesses like yours grow and meet their goals. The traditional 7Ps of marketing along with the power of 7x help to give us a clearly defined strategy to help grow your business 7x and beyond! Please consider partnering with us.

-Nick Davaine